If you participate in our research group, you will be able to experience resesrch and education on organic functional
materials such as liquid crystals and organic semiconductors.

Organic semiconductor, Field-effect transistor, Electrochromism, Liquid Crystal, Polymer, Nanotechnology

Related area:
Organic functional chemistry, Organic electronics, Solid state physics, Organic chemistry, Polymer chemistry

Solid state materials such as silicon have been studied among conventional electronics materials.
In our group, we concentrate on the studies for flexible soft materials including liquid crystals and polymers and
create soft electron systems which can be applied to flexible opto-electronics devices. In future, such soft
electronics will be used for artificial skins of robots in which more sophisticated functions are needed.

Funahashi Group
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Principal investigator: Masahiro Funahashi, PhD, Professor

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International Liquid Crystal Conference was successfully held in Kyoto in 2018 summer!
25 November 2018, Oh-ike in Takamatsu

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