X-ray structure analysis data (CSD)
Summary of sugar data

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Start of work day : 2010.4.20
Last Update 2011.5.19
Faculty of engineering
Tomohiko Ishii
Akifumi Yamauchi
Shizuka Kayahara
Shunsuke Oga

Rare Sugar Database


2011.05.06 Four kinds were added to X-ray structure analysis data(CSD)
2011.05.19 The switching to English of the aldose was completed.


What is Rare Sugar?
The rare sugar is a monosaccharide that doesn't exist very much in the natural world.
They are the majorities of the monosaccharide except some sugar like the glucose and the xylose, and about 50 kinds are known.
Many of rare sugars have the physiology revitalization action.