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Water and air are important on the earth. They transport various materials, which sometimes cause environmental problems. We are focusing on hydrological and atmospheric environments, and newly developed sensing technologies. In hydrosphere, there are many micro-scale particles those are generated from anthroposphere. They are transported from river to estuary. In Atmosphere, fine particles (aerosol), especially focusing on mineral dusts (Kosa, related PM2.5) are emitted from ground surface. Radioactive materials which are recently distributed by nuclear plant accident would be emitted secondary from ground surface into atmosphere. For clarifying this, I am doing filed observations: 1) river water sampling (COD, chemical components of N and P), and 2) hydrological and meteorological elements (e.g. wind, air temperature, air humidity, radiation,soil moisture, and PM2.5, PM10, Kosa, and radioactive materials etc.) under strong wind in dry and wet conditions, micro-evaporation and soil crust formation in surface soil in arid regions. Based on these observational results, we evaluate mass flux of nutrients from river to estuary using an integrated hydrological and estuarine models, and dust and radioactivity fluxes from ground to atmosphere. If you are interested in our lab's themes, could you please contact me.


SCOPES: Environments in Water and Air (EeWA)