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Department of Intelligent Mechanical Systems Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, KAGAWA University

Professor Hideyuki SAWADA, PhD.

Email: sawada[at]eng.kagawa-u.ac.jp

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View from the Laboratory

Our Mechanical Voice Sytem was introduced in the British Science Magazine
New Scientist, in May 2002
- Article -

It was also presented in the Dutch Science Magazene "De Ingenieur" in June 2002
- Article -

KTR-ver.3 (Kagawa University Talking and singing Robot version 3)
was introduced in Wired magazine, in the July 2004 issue.
Article KRT-V.3

2007 version of the Talking and Singing Robot

Performance demonstration(wmv file 47Mb)

2006 version of the Talking and Singing Robot

Japanese Five vowels vocalization(mpeg file 2.3Mb)

Nasal sounds vocalization(mpeg file 2.7Mb)

Singing performance (Japanese Song, Kagome-Kagome)
Pitch Training -> Singing performance(mpeg file 8.7Mb)

Singing performance (Japanese Song, Kakkou)

Mimic of Human vocalization (Vowels) (mpeg file 2.9Mb)

Mimic of Human vocalization Nasal sounds) (mpeg file 6.6Mb)

KTR-ver.3 Learns Vocalization and Singing skill like a human,
based on an auditory feedback control

KTR-ver.3 (Kagawa university Talking and singing Robot, version 3)

Lectures :

- Programming I
- Programming II
- Seminor: Science of Voice and Sound
- Classical Mechanics
- Electromagnetism
- Control Engineering
- Sound Signal Processing



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